The 3 Rivers Wet Weather 2018 Sewer Rate Survey

The 3 Rivers Wet Weather 2018 Sewer Rate Survey documents are now available online on the 3RWW website.  3RWW provides this information so that municipalities can compare their rates to neighboring communities. All municipalities pay the same ALCOSAN charges, which are included in the rate calculations.  These tables compare rates to median household income (MHI) allowing you to measure the current level of burden on your ratepayers.  Environmental Protection Agency guidance suggests that sewer rates in excess of two percent (2.0%) of median household income are considered a hardship. In our region, the current average rate is 1.35% of the MHI, with a low of 0.33% and a high of 2.74% (See Sewer Rate Survey Update with Median Household Income: 2018). The sewer rate survey also contains graphic comparisons of sewer rates by Eastern, North and Southern basins.