Budget and Finance 2018 Under Construction


Note: any differences in totals are due to rounding.
The proposed 2018 budget is on view in the borough office during business hours.

Information to assist in understanding the 2018 Budget:

  • Note that all budgets, fees, rates, etc. shown in the preliminary budget are estimates. Council may change any or all parts of the advertised budget as well as any or all fees, taxes, etc. prior to approval at its December 20 business meeting.
  • All 2018 budgets shown are working documents. Certain line items in the various budgets may be highlighted (colored or gray) to emphasize changes from previous drafts or additions that may require council attention prior to final approval or some other issue or reminder for staff. 2017 Year to date information may be incomplete or missing.
  • The Capital Improvements Plan may show items/projects in 2018 that will be eliminated or moved to later years to accommodate available funding.
    The 2017 millage rate is 8.0. Council assumes the rate will remain for 2018. However, Council has not yet established a final number and this is council’s best estimate at this time.
  • The sewage fee is likely to remain at $4.75/thousand gallons in order to meet consent order requirements. The fire fee is unchanged as well at this time.
  • The trash fee will increase to $193 ($143 for qualified seniors) as currently estimated.
  • The borough continues to aggressively require payments from delinquent rate payers for all borough fees. Those who have delinquent sewer bills may face water service shut off.
  • Council will prepare the final budget for consideration at its Dec. 12, 2017 finance committee meeting which is open to the public (7 PM, Second Floor – Borough Building).
  • Council is only required to advertise the general fund budget though other budgets are shown when available. All budgets are shown for information and are subject to change when a final budget is approved.
  • Certain fees may increase. Council is considering an update to its comprehensive fee resolution and a number of fees in addition to trash may change. For 2018, council is considering changes to various recreation fees, grading permits, street opening permits and other fees.
  • Council’s Dec. 20 business meeting MAY be moved to the new borough office (4400 Greensburg Pike) for a trial run if the building is safe to occupy. A notice will be posted at the current building as soon as that is known and/or on the day of the meeting.

NOTE ON 2019 BUDGET (shown in General Fund only) The 2018 General Fund budget provides a separate projection for a 2019 budget, used for planning purposes. It does not project 2019 fees although the 2019 general fund budget projection uses a higher millage rate in order to balance. The 2019 budget projection also shows an increase in the trash fee.

It is important to recognize that council will not set the 2019 budget until December 2018. The 2019 millage rate is a projection based on today’s financial data and used only for convenience. It is uncertain at this time whether the 2019 millage rate will rise, fall or remain the same as that is set by council.

Please contact the office for questions and further information.

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